Sit back, close your eyes, and have a listen to one of the more amusing, heartfelt and thoughtful songwriters of our times…

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Here is what listeners have said about Paul!


“…songs that are simple at first blush, but quietly revel themselves as little gems.”
“Poetic, mesmerizing, dreamlike; captures something essential about human experience.”
“Whimsical, poignant, accessible, guitar-based folk songs with, at times, unorthodox classical instrumentation…”


Paul Hatem has been quietly living and writing songs in New England for most of his adult life. He’s a family man, working at day jobs – and consistently writing high quality songs about his observations. Over the years, while honing his craft, he has steadily gained a loyal, local following. He and his family belong to the Family Folk Chorale in the Boston area, a multi-generational choir of singers and instrumentalists. Seven of Paul’s songs have been performed onstage with that chorale. Paul has also been performing solo, or with his acoustic band, Arl-Lex Five and Dime, for years in area coffee houses, and other local venues. Now he is sharing his songs with a wider audience.

Oasis CD Manufacturing – who put out compilation discs of their clients’ work for radio airplay – had this simple reaction to Paul’s song “Where Have You Been?”: “Wow!” Paul’s latest recording is an eclectic mix of songs which still holds together as a cohesive whole. Paul incorporates his influences from folk, country, blues and even Broadway and classical music. Paul’s songs are tightly composed, and because he works with skilled producers, they are also carefully arranged, using just the right instrumentation to bring out the essence of each song. His topics range from love songs – reminiscent of Neil Young and James Taylor – to tender and humorous memories of childhood, and to much quirkier topics. He explores road trips, how much fun it might be to get old, and whether we get hungry or cold after we die. Let yourself be drawn in by his humor, insight, compassion and thoughtfulness.

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