Song Clips

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By now you have probably heard me say – more than once – that I have a new album coming out. Like so many things during this time of COVID-19, it has been delayed. In an attempt to keep you interested, and to not try anyone’s patience too much, I got hold of clips of […]

Video – Hot Day In The City

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I took two performances and made them into a video. It’s been a while since performing live was possible! I’m looking forward to when we can do it again. Here is the video, hope you enjoy it:

Do We Need Another Songwriter?

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I mean, hasn’t everything already been said? After all these years, after all the writers, poets, philosophers, thinkers; after all the songwriters who ever existed, is there anything new to say? Well, maybe not; and maybe so. One thing I can say is that, even if everything has been said, it sure seems like people […]

Why Would an Introvert be a Performer?

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This puzzled me about myself for a long time. Why would somebody who tends to be fairly quiet, who actually loves spending time alone, who tends to listen more than he talks, why would that person become a performer? When I was young, being an introvert meant you were shy, quiet, antisocial. These were seen […]

Liner Notes

record playing on turntable

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FRIENDS: This post describes the songs on my yet-to-be-released album, “When I Get Old.” Like so many things in these days of COVID-19, the production of the album is delayed. I worked hard describing the songs, so I am leaving the post up for now. I hope you will keep reading and someday buy the […]

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